What is Nexwho
Nexhow is an experimental html5 video chatroom. It is built on the latest htm5 technologies, e.g. webrtc and websocket, to build a video chatroom across all platforms.
is Nexwho on mobile
Yes, you can use Nexwho on your mobile devices. Just input the url nexwho.com into your mobile browser. Then, you chat starts. No software downloading, No software installation!
incompatible browser alert
Please upgrade your browser to the latest version. Since features required on Nexwho are quite new in the newest standard of HTML which is HTML5 by W3C, each browser implements variousHTML5 features on different levels.
why I am required to enter my basic information
This will help others to get a quick kick to chat with you. What's more, we might provide a customized matching system in future based on your basic information.
cannot watch webcam stream of my chatter in the video mode
The video streams are connected and delivered directly between you and your chatter over TCP ports. That will take some times. Besides that, firewalls and NAT might block ports to prevent you from connecting to each other.
cannot get connected to the chat
Please turn off your firewall which might block the port used by Nexwho.
What if I have other question
Reach me at stonelai88 AT gmail.com.